Bates Blaster Software 1.1: Bates stamping and numbering software for Adobe PDF files

Bates Blaster Software 1.1

Bates stamping and numbering software for Adobe PDF files, designed by a paralegal, for paralegals. Bates Blaster software can apply traditional bates numbering (a static prefix and sequential page numbers) to a single PDF document or multiple PDF documents as a batch process. Bates Blaster can also sequential prefix numbers (court exhibit stamps are the best example of sequential prefix numbers), to multiple PDF documents as a batch process.

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Bates Numbering Software 3.5: The Bates numbering software with High tech module in simple looks

Bates Numbering Software 3.5

The Bates Numbering software which will help you in adding page numbers in PDF in unlimited manner. The software will also allow you to add metadata in PDF with which you can store your all crucial data. For more please visit:

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Insert Date in PDF 3.5: Insert date in PDF by Date Stamp Software.

Insert Date in PDF 3.5

bates number, date and times in any required location and set the alignment (top, bottom, left, right) along with that this tool allows formatting of stamped text and Bates number with font size, font color etc. PDF Bates Numberer tool is compatible with all Windows Operating System Version 98, 2000, ME, NT, XP, and Vista and Win 7. The GUI of this PDF Bates Numberer is very simple and easy to use, you can test this software by downloading its free

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Image to PDF Command Line Tool 2.63: Convert images (JPG,TIF,PNG,GIF,BMP,WMF,EMF,PCX,TGA) to PDF from command line

Image to PDF Command Line Tool 2.63

Image to PDF converts many image formats (JPEG, JPG, TIFF, TIF, PNG, GIF, BMP, WMF, EMF, PCX, TGA) into PDF documents from the command line (or batch file), with parameters and external scripts that control it`s operation. Supports wildcard filenames, Bates page/document numbering, clickable image stamps (eg company logo), bookmarks, image re-compression, 128 bit encryption, full screen PDF slideshows and all the usual PDF document options.

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Image to PDF Dynamic Link Library 2.73: Convert JPG,TIF,PNG,GIF,BMP,WMF,EMF,PCX,TGA images to PDF royalty free with DLL

Image to PDF Dynamic Link Library 2.73

The Image to PDF Dynamic Link Library will convert one or more images (JPG, TIF, PNG, GIF, BMP, WMF, EMF, PCX, TGA) into a PDF document. DLL is fully controlled through the provided API and the DLL can be included and used with most development environments regardless of language used. Supports PDF/A (1A, 1B), Bates numbering, clickable image stamps (eg company logo), bookmarks, 40 or 128 bit document encryption and image re-compression.

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Pdf file watermark Creator Watermark batch pdf files, create text image stamp on header footer as logo

Pdf file watermark Creator

Pdf watermark creator software easily and instantly stamp bulk pdf documents on selected pages or all pages. Pdf bates numbering tool add pdf header & footer text of company name, copyright logo etc with various options to set the size of text, angle rotation & color. Pdf watermarking utility preserves the pdf bookmark and annotations after stamping. User can watermark first page, last page, page range or all pages as Confidential or Specimen.

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PDF Text Stamp 1.23: Automates the process of Text Stamping Multiple PDF files

PDF Text Stamp 1.23

PDF Text Stamp is a high performance server tool from Traction Software for Windows PC, Unix Aix, Linux & Macintosh OSX NOTE: This Software does NOT require Acrobat, PDF Text Stamp is designed for server usage. PDF Text Stamp software automates the process of applying page numbers, bates numbers, roman numerals, fonts, font sizes, font types, colored text, angled text, centered text, right justified, from any edge of page etc

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PDF Watermark Creator Batch PDF stamper create watermark text add bates numbering insert text logo

PDF Watermark Creator

Batch PDF stamper tool create watermark logo text on several PDF files in a single click. Software adds water mark on each page of every PDF documents. PDF bates numbering tool adds header and footer with options to set font size, color and angle rotation. PDF stamp maker tool supports multiple documents processing simultaneously and preserve the bookmark and annotations. Tool lets you stamp watermarks such as CONFIDENTIAL or SPECIMEN.

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ForensicMailArchiver 1.86

ForensicMailArchiver (FMACL) creates MSGs, RFC822 EML, Text or HTML files from Outlook PST files. It extracts email, contacts, tasks, notes, calendar and journal entries. It operates in batch mode, converting all PST files found in a user selected directory and its subdirectories. De-duplication and ten naming options are available.

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Impress 2.0.1: This Adobe Acrobat plug-in creates and applies text stamps to your PDF pages.

Impress 2.0.1

Mapsoft Impress, an Acrobat plug-in, is a powerful desktop publishing tool that enables text to be added to a range of pages in a PDF file (text stamping). It can be used for headers and footers, page numbering etc. Variables can be set to define page numbering, total number of pages and date and time. Bates numbering is supported. It also supports the foreign language characters in Acrobat base fonts such as Times, Helvetica, Courier.

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